History of the Parish House

This house is one of several similar Queen Anne style houses left in the United States. Built in 1897 by Lee Henderson Parish, the house features many of its original details such as the decorative fish-scale shingle work and elaborate beaded spindle frieze band under all the roofing. The hexagonal cupola tower and gazebo porch are characteristics of typical Queen Anne architecture. The multiple types of finials, arches, and balustrades are also common to the style.

The builder, L. H. Parish, was a former Confederate solider who became a prominent cotton merchant and banker. He acquired the plans to the house through a mail-order catalog from George F. Barber of Knoxville, Tennessee. Barber was known for his exuberant Queen Anne style houses. He was also the premier marketer of house plans by catalog of the time, and he greatly influenced the architectural style of houses throughout the continent. The carriage house to the north of the main residence is also built off Barber plans.